Pacific Rim Energy Inc, offers many solutions to develop and strengthen our Customers' needs plus create new business opportunities.


Oil extraction off-shore and Drilling Rig Construction through various partners certified with: ASME U & PP Stamps, NBIC R Stamp, API 4F & 6A, WBE

Oil Tankers

Through Clarksons, we provide the best in class services for: Broking, Financial, Support and Research for Shipping.

Paraffin & Asphalt

Our process uses AC current to precisely control temperatures in the tubing, bottom hole and adjacent reservoir to economically solve your viscosity problems.

Finance Consulting

PRE be certain of in adopting verified strategies in financial and management operation, where experience and vision in to the energy business can release highest thinkable and model to significant expansion.

Secured Investments

We assure a secured investment with our experienced professional in many areas: engineering, architecture, accounting, legal, and others.

Legal Counseling & Consulting

We offer the best legal support in many areas: international business, agreements, contracts, and others.

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